Read Our Shipping Guide & Phone Orders Instructions

Thank you in advance for ordering from us.



If you are ordering a DRESS please select:

  • First CLass Package
  • DHL Express
  • Priority Mail Express
  • UPS® Standard

    If you are ordering a TOP, BOTTOM and or ACCESSORIES please check the description/detail about the product.. if it says 2+ weeks in the description/detail please select:

    • 2-6 Weeks Shipping (FREE)
    • 2-7 Weeks Shipping (FREE)

    You will be able to select shipping method at checkout. 

    This is because some of our products we sell online ships from a diffrent location and has diffrent shipping that cost very little so to have our customers save money we have them not worry about the shipping on those products. Also some of our products sold online will also have the shipping no matter where you are in the price. Please follow the directions listed. If they're not followed shipping may take longer.
    Any questions or concerns about shipping please send an email and we will be happy to get back to you.
    Thank You! 





     If youd like to place an order over the phone well that can be done as well. Send us an email, facebook message or instagram message and a team member will assist you ASAP. (Phone orders may take up to 2 days for someone to respond. We try our best to help you as fast as we can.)

    In your first Email/FB Message/IG Message please include:

    • Your First and Last name
    • Product(s) You're Interested In
    • Phone Number 
    • Shipping Address (If the shipping name is diffrent from the one above please add the shipping name)
    If all of these are added in the first message it will make phone ordering easier! 

    Any questions or concerns about phone ordering send us an email and we will be happy to get back to you.
    Thank You!